Maintaining your homes exterior has become much easier with the newest products available on the market today.

  • Maintenance Free Concrete-Based Siding
Siding with the look of wood and composite trim boards eliminate the worry about rotting wood and painting on a regular basis.

  • Energy-Efficient Windows
Windows that feature low e coating on the glass are more energy efficient and save your furniture from fading. Windows with metal and vinyl cladding protect the exterior and eliminate the need for painting. The various sizes and shapes of windows and doors available can help you create a specific architectural look for your home.

  • A Welcome entrance
Paving stones come in various colors and sizes that allow you to create a distinctive landscape and outside living area.

  • Energy features
The newest technology allows us to build homes with the most energy efficient features available. We build homes that balance the equation for saving energy on heating and cooling as well as replacing the air inside the house with fresh air from the outside. High efficiency furnaces and mini split ductless systems reduce the cost of heating and cooling for your new home. Modern insulation techniques make our homes as tight as possible, but they are also designed to bring in air from the outside and exhaust the interior air on a continual basis.

mini split system

Energy-efficient cooling systems are so quiet you don’t even know they’re running.