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Building a new home is dream come true for most people, but it is incredibly difficult in today’s regulatory environment. Having built nearly three hundred homes over the last forty years, we have seen enormous changes in the construction methods and materials used in new construction. The emphasis on green construction and more energy efficient homes as well as the focus on healthier homes has created many challenges for builders today.

In order to build a custom home you need to have a good working relationship with the builder. It is a long process which can cause frustration. We use our experience to help the customer make the right decisions and to stay on budget. Many subcontractors have worked with us for decades. This strong relationship results in the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction that everyone desires.

The fee structure is different than most builders. The rising cost of materials has made it very difficult to estimate construction costs. Some builders used a fixed price method, some use a cost plus method and others use time and materials to create a final price.

We charge a fixed percentage based on the cost estimate to build the home. You know the fee upfront and any overages do not result in any upcharge. This eliminates any questions or concerns about running up costs or overages and charging extra for them.

Construction Project Management

Home building can be very stressful for many. Having a professional to guide you through the process will help make building your dream home an experience that will be rewarding and make you proud of the finished product.

Some clients have already contracted with a builder for their new home. They may have concerns about the pace of construction, quality of the work, type of materials being used and the specifications of the proposed new home.

Some of the things we do include:

  • Provide professional advice and suggestions that help keep the process moving
  • Act as a buffer between the builder and homeowner when conflicts arise
  • Review plans and specifications to see if they match the homeowners expectations
  • Visit the site at various stages to make sure the new home is being constructed according to plans and specifications of the contract

Code changes are constantly taking place and our experience with the Home Builders Association helps keep us informed about the latest requirements for new homes.

The fee for this service is determined by the amount of oversight the homeowner wants and is generally on an hourly basis.

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home construction consulting

Energy efficiency and conservation is an important part of new home construction today.  There are many new options available today.  As an Energy Star builder, we can make recommendations that will not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but reduce your energy consumption and be cost efficient as well.

Some people are investigating the construction process and need more information to help them decide if they want to move forward.

Some people think they can build it themselves and save a great deal of money. We explain how that theory rarely works and usually ends with unnecessary delays and constant disagreements.

Consulting services can include:

  • A review of plans and make suggestions and comments that determine if the home meets your lifestyle
  • An explanation of how changes to a plan can have a serious effect on costs
  • Inspections of the new home at various stages to see if the plans are being followed and to make sure the work meets the building code requirements

Depending on the services requested, we can bill the work on an hourly basis or by a fixed amount determined by the needs of the customer.